Pacific Dining Car - Afternoon Tea
Pacific Dining Car - Afternoon Tea  
Afternoon Tea
Pacific Dining Car - Afternood Tea

Afternoon Tea is served
from 3:00 to 5:30 each day

Choice of

Champagne or Sherry
& Assorted Sandwiches

Followed by...
Petits Fours & Lemon Cookie

Organic Egyptian Chamomile:
The sweet, calming taste of whole Egyptian Chamomile.
~ Caffeine Free ~

Organic Pacific Coast Mint:
A blend of Oregon and California Spearmint and Peppermint leaves.
~ Caffeine Free ~

Hot Sweet Cinnamon:
A spicy Cinnamon, blended with sweet orange and black teas,
producing intriguing aromatics of fuits and spice.

Organic Sencha:
Traditional Japanese green tea, deep steamed and carefully dried, producing
a light refreshing texture, with grassy tones.

Organic White Tip Jasmine:
Chinese green tea with “lightly fired tips” to draw out the flavor, scented with Jasmine.

Organic Darjeeling:
This tea has a fresh floral and apple like characteristics, brewing a light amber color,
with a slight astringent finish.

Organic Earl Grey:
A full bodied black tea from selected gardens of China and India,
blended with the oils of bergamot.

Organic English Breakfast:
A traditional blend of black tea, producing a robust flavor and yet delivering
a smooth malty brew that has a clean finish.